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  1. Northern TN hello!!!!

    Late to the party, but welcome!!
  2. Greetings from San Diego!

    Any chance you'll be down into the Nashville area at all during your visit?
  3. Welcome! With the holidays, most of the events chill out for a while afterwards. There is an event at Lipscomb coming up in Feb. that might be a good one to go out and meet some folks at. Always good to volunteer to 'handle' at an event as a newbie, to see how an event works, how to help others put their gear on, etc. I imagine once it warms back up towards spring, you'll start seeing armor parties crop up again where people get together to work on builds and hang out. Several in the Nashville area , including myself, have a bunch of projects siting around that need work.
  4. 501st Access (again)

    Have you sent a PM to someone within Garrison command? (not me cause i dont believe I can access member profile changes lol but someone like the Ed or Robbie?)
  5. Probably those blasphemous Green Apple ones instead of the true Green skittles, Lime also, HI NEW PERSON!
  6. Hello Midsouth Garrison!

    Hey there! I don't live too far from you , just off a couple exits north of you on 24. I'm also one of the ones in that BluRay 2007 Rose Parade video a couple of times lol ( though back then I was part of Florida Garrison) Looking forward to meeting ya!
  7. Are you only in Louisville for your visit?
  8. Greetings from Nashville

    Drums since I have a bit of experience with the bodhran already. But I wouldnt be opposed to trying to learn the pipes
  9. Hello!

  10. Howdy from Nashville, TN

    NEEDS MORE DIRT!!! Welcome!!
  11. Greetings from Nashville

    Ah yeah thats the one I'm talking about. Me and Adam and Chad are the folks Nathan knows in the 501st lol . Look forward to meeting ya soon! I wish you guys practiced later on Mondays cause I'd join up myself! You should also look into the Kilted Trooper Brigade if you havent already. The husband and I are both in that as well Armor and kilts are a fun combo for sure.http://www.501ktb.com/
  12. Greetings from Nashville

    Is the guy in your pipe band named Nathan perhaps?
  13. Rancho Obi-Wan - Charity Request

    Nope, nothin else. I'm wondering if they put in two requests because they complained on the 23rd that they hadnt heard anything back yet. So I'm thinking they probably never completed the request the first time, didnt hit submit or forgot a contact email or something that caused it not to work. So the 24th was a redo and it was spam blocked. They're fine now though so not worried about it .
  14. Rancho Obi-Wan - Charity Request

    Yeah if the legion level is pushing these things down a week after a request comes in, thats pretty slow, granted i havent looked at our event request page in a couple years, if there isnt something saying we need a couple weeks advance notice , etc maybe the higher ups should consider it. Especially for high profile stuff or things that should have been high profile over a birthday party type request. just kinda sucks double checking - the first contact from Anne and SaddleUp was in Feb, their prize was arriving on the 11th of May and thats when they asked Anne about finding troopers. So it was some time between the 15th and the 23rd that the actual request was placed on the 501st site, so there could have been very little delay on the legion end. Hard to tell from the email train I was forwarded by Anne. Anyway, she doesnt seem to concerned about it now since we got folks to show up so if she asks I'll just tell her it was an issue with spam filters *shrug*
  15. Rancho Obi-Wan - Charity Request

    Anne emailed me early yesterday morning... they put in the event request around may 15th.... this was an event request through Rancho ObiWan donating a free trip to the group to raise money for a charity group so I would hope something Sansweet set up would be vetted as having worth, maybe they didnt make that clear in their event request, but I'm just curious why Steve and Anne had to email me asking why they hadnt even heard a yes or No. its one thing to turn stuff down but we should be telling people no at least and not ignoring them. If this is happening from the legion level or the garrison level, it would be good to know. Because in the end i think its our decision as members to decide if we want to troop something or not, i dont think thats really a command decision.... i'll get an exact date of when they put the request in through the legion site but if our turn around is that bad, maybe we should warn people that on the event request page on the main website... I'll go annoy someone over there about it..
  16. Are you looking to rent a home or an apartment in the Franklin area? Franklin really is awesome, love the downtown area. Miss living near there. Live closer to Brentwood now . But we had a great apartment and complex in Franklin we could recommend if you are looking for that!
  17. Hello from Beijing, China!

    Welcome!! We live pretty close to Nashville as well. (Even closer next month!)
  18. Yeah, it has. It doesnt seem like it, I dont get out as much as I should either lol I think the first year we moved, I actually trooped more back in Florida. Between CV, wedding, vacations, etc...
  19. Hi!! We moved up here 2 years ago from Florida, where about in Florida were you?
  20. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Congrats!! I'm a lady trooper too, live south of you in Franklin. Work up in Berry Hill (which lately has me working weekends and killing the trooping times) Hopefully I'll get to meet ya soon!!
  21. Hi......

    I'd tell you to go with clone as well... mainly because MSG has the best clones in the legion. hands down! the amount of help to get you looking awesome around here is insane.
  22. New girl from martin

    And its totally ok if Loki or whoever gets beer'd up and dremels it for you messes it up or scuffs it. Then you can become a sandtrooper. Sandtroopers are more awesomer anyways. We get accessories. As a girl, I like accessories. Pouches, different color pauldrons, various large guns... awesome sauce. Good luck with it though. I am not sure how well the rubies stuff will trim with a dremel. maybe tinsnips would work better. Its a flexible plastic isnt it? kinda rubbery? Before you cut it though, does he still have the receipt? If he paid list price, you could return it and get some armor that will for sure 501st approve for probably less than what he paid for the Rubies suit if you were interested in going that route...
  23. Welcome! I have T-Mobile so I havent been to the Franklin Verizon store lol, but I live not to far away from it
  24. TK-6875 is Official!

    super cool Congrats!!