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  1. Hey all

    Cheers, Kirk! Welcome aboard.
  2. Ah! The rare set of Mando armor that also came equipped with indirect interior lighting. (I know... I know... a stretch at best...) Cheers! Nice suit, Dan!
  3. Welcome, Keith! The hook will set in when a kid walks up to you, in sheer awe, and asks where your ship is parked. Look forward to meeting you. Cheers~
  4. Salutations

    'Allo, Tom!
  5. Introductions

    "Ehhhhxcellent... soon this Christmas Parade will be ours!"
  6. 'Ey Monk. Yes, hope to troop some day. Cheers~
  7. Greetings from Alabama!

    It's in Huntsville? That'd be neat-o. And welcome! Happy Holidays!
  8. Greetings from Oz

    Good onya, mate! Welcome...
  9. Wanting to be a new member

    'Allo, Todd! And welcome...
  10. TK all the way. Cheers~ And welcome
  11. Welcome, Les! (Just wait 'til you suit up... It's fantastic. So much good from this group, this idea.)
  12. Looking to be a new member.

    Welcome, Rod. While I haven't toured the Australian Garrison, it's a safe bet that you've stumbled into the best. Great and helpful group of people here. Cheers~