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  1. Greetings from Oz

    Heya Scotsman, I'm not a member here (yet) but welcome anyway. I've got some friends in the 501st down your way, in the Southern Cross Garrison. Great pics of the T-cup ride. Classic.
  2. Hopeful Soon to Be Member

    heh, how'd the Klingons take the news? My guess is..... badly...
  3. Greetings All

    Thanks for the offer, I might have to hit you up on details. WW2 eh? I had heard something to the effect that WW2 reenactments were happening but you are the first I've come across. My grandfather is a WW2 vet, he started in North Africa and ended up in Berlin. 5 Bronze and 1 Silver Star ( non Combat-V, for theater ops only) and I have 2 of his captured weapons. I am in Allen County just north of the Tenn. border. My heart is with Dixie, but like most Civil War reenactors, I galvanize. The 2nd Ky is The Orphan Brigade of which I am proudly a member of.
  4. Greetings All

    Thanks for the welcomes. No I haven't made it to Chickamauga... Yet... I am a Human Swiss Army Knife when it comes to skills.... which is handy in things like this. I've heard it said that A Fett build can be costly, but I know it can't be as bad as outfitting in both Confederate and Union kits, plus all the camp gear and weaponry. And I'm on TDH as Dirk Gently, the Wizard of Flight templates I have found indispensable. This first build has been a learning experience and it will produce a Halloween grade Boba costume for my son. I have had several epic fails on the helmet alone... but live and learn. The first time you build something is the hardest and I'm already thinking over process improvements, especially in building the dome into the sub-helmet before over-laying the visor-ear plate band. ...but more on that after I am done mutilating this first attempt... Thanks again for letting me in the front door. /Salute
  5. Greetings All

    New forum member here: I just started building a Boba kit for my son and decided that I liked building Star Wars armor which made me think of the 501st. I will ultimately go for a Boba or Jango build. My background has been historical reenacting so this will be something of a switch for me. As I am still reenacting Civil War ( and not SCA now days ), admittedly I won't make many 501st gigs, if indeed I make it in. But I am going to give it a shot. In turns of crafting: I am an experienced blade and armorsmith and have recently turned to general blacksmithing for trade goods in the Civil War scene. I can work with steel, leather, fiberglass, glass, wood, ceramics, painting and computer graphics. I even have the workshop space and tools to cover those areas, with the exception that I no longer cut glass. I have three children and my wife is an excellent basket maker and an art teacher. I have a farm with an orchard and a few horses and I grow the best blackberries in Southern Kentucky, if not all of Kentucky. /Salute and Cheers,