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  1. Hello, I'm BH-4413

    Welcome to the Garrison!
  2. Welcome aboard! Yes we can use the help. Thanks for offering. I second David's post...Cookies..
  3. Greetings from Mount Juliet

    Welcome aboard!
  4. TK71073 requesting access...

  5. Hello

    I remember when the guys were at the Bellevue Mall. That's what got me hooked as well. Can someone post a link to some photos to that troop? I would love to see more pics of that troop. Also do any of you guys remember trooping at the Renaissance Center in Dickson? Are there any pics of this event?
  6. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for having me. I have been getting together items and working on a TK suit. I have been a fan of the 501st for several years now and finally got in gear to build a TK suit. I admire what the 501st stands for and look forward to becoming a part of it. I hope to have my suit ready in the first part of 2010 and be able to meet you guys. Again, Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something special. Thanks, Keith "Dearmeat"
  7. Wanted to say thanks for having me.

    Thanks guys, I can't wait to have it up and running. I am looking forward to getting together, having fun and learning new things from you guys. This is going to be fun!. Thanks again guys, Keith.....