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  1. Hey all

    Welcome Kirk, and do try to get involved even if your costume isn't finished. In addition to being a handler, with some advance coordination, other members can loan you some missing items that might not be finished.
  2. Permission to come aboard?

    Welcome aboard Jody - good to serve with you in 'another' Legion. I knew this was inevitable when I saw you with those light sabres at the Tennessee History Festival a couple of years ago!
  3. Thank you one and all, for the kind remarks and warm welcome. I am looking forward to trooping with you all in the future! Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season, and a great 2010 for Star Wars enthusiasts.
  4. Greetings fellow Star Wars Fans! My name is Dan Peterson, and I currently represent the classic Bossk character, picking a character that is rarely represented, and presenting a great challenge to faithfully recreate. (And I collect reptiles too, so this scaly guy was the ideal choice). I saw the first Star Wars film as a young soldier in the U.S. Army, and have always been a fan, but only started making a costume a few weeks ago, largely inspired by the great group of MidSouth Garrision members from the Clarksville-Nashville area who share many like interests in military history as well as Sci Fi. However, I am not new to costume building, and for many years have constructed historical costumes ranging from the bronze age to WWII, and many have been featured on various historical documentaries. By profession, I am a military historian, and Museum Director, for the 101st Airborne Division' BG Don F. Pratt Memorial Museum. I have written several books pertaining to military uniforms ranging from ancient Rome to the German army of WWII. I am currently involved in a number of historical reenactment projects, the most significant being the organizer of the http://www.nationalromanlegion.com/ and I encourage members of the 501st Legion to get involved in our activities as I have about 50 sets of armor that can be issued to attend our events. Some members of the 501st MSG have already pariticipated in our Hernando De Soto reenactment group at the Tennessee History Festival this past fall. In addition, I reenact ancient Greek, Celt, various medieval impressions, Colonial, including Hessians, both sides of the American Civil War and WWII. I have begun to delve into 'high fantasy' as well, and to my surprise, won the "Best Fantasy Character" in the Masquerade with my Draconian impresssion at my first Dragon*Con this year. So that bug has bitten me too, and I am now compelled to create something even better for next year. I enjoyed meeting some of you at my first two 501st events, Clarksville Toys r' Us, and the Nashville Star Wars Concert, and looking forward to meeing all of you at future events.