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  1. Welcome aboard, good luck with the builds!
  2. Those TK's look like CRAP, ha ha ha Stew!

  3. Wassup my brotha!

  4. Welcome aboard, I hope to troop with you soon.
  5. Welcome aboard, I look forward to trooping with you. By the way this garrison's clone cadre ROCKS!
  6. Ozzel is Accepted

    Welcome aboard, Admiral! I'm proud of you. Let's get that second costume started!
  7. Welcome aboard Admiral, sir. Don't stand too close to Captain Piett.
  8. What up homey!

  9. Hello All, My name is Jody Merideth, Legion ID# 4327. I am new to the 501st and to the MSG. I joined the Legion with an Imperial Navy Trooper costume, and I have a TB almost complete (still working on the armor), and plans for a custom Mando. I got to meet some of you at my first troop in Nashville at Star Wars in Concert. Please forgive my memory, and give me time to learn everyone's name. I am also a member of the "New Bossk" (Dan's) Roman re-enactment group, and the platoon leader of the 101st A/B Living History Association's WWII re-enactment group based at Ft. Campbell. As I have said, I had the pleasure of meeting some of you before, and I look forward to meeting all of you in the near future. Again, please be patient with me as I am new to costuming, and I will have a lot of questions, and I will hopefully be learning from all of you. As an aside --- I'd like to extend a personal greeting to my new good friend Tambo, thanks for the help, I'll be leaning on you alot in the future! Hubmo IN 4327