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  1. Hello from Cookeville, TN

    I'll be seeing you guys at ConNooga. I'll also be bringing my younger brother who is into star wars, though I think that he would rather be a jedi than a stormtrooper or sith.
  2. Hello from Cookeville, TN

    Skip- Yeah, looking into the money doesn't make me run for the hills. I've spent a good bit of money in my other hobbie, my truck. I'll just have to find a good set for me. I think most people have recommend FX armor and a few say AP or a few FX new variants. Also, thanks for letting me know who is around me. Connooga would be fun to go. If I am able to make it though I probably won't come down until Saturday, maybe just for that day. Is the Chatt Squad going to have a booth there, or how will I know its you guys?
  3. Hello from Cookeville, TN

    Whoops I meant to put GML. I sent a e-mail to you, Corey and GML J Walker. J Walker was the one that suggested I join the forum. Also, GML J Walker suggested I try to get in contact with someone named Skip.
  4. My name is Braxton Burgan. Right now I have no affliations to the 501st or any other costuming group. I am located in Cookeville, TN, but I actually live just outside of Baxter. I learned about MSG when I was looking into joining the 501st. Also, contacting the MSG was suggested by several members of whitearmor.net forum. I original sent the CO J Walker of MSG an e-mail about helping me find armor to help me get into the 501st and MSG. Basically, I don't have any armor right now. I would like to get a set of ANH armor, but I would like to mod it to be a Sandtrooper armor. I hope that I can find all the help I need on here and can't wait to join your ranks. Thanks.