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  1. Hi from a new member

    Thanks for the welcome and how do I find out when and where the Mos Nooga squad mets and what and when is the Bugapoloza event. Is there a calendar of events listed?
  2. Hi from a new member

    Hi, my name is Charles Simmons, 26 years old, and live in East Ridge TN, and I have recently put in my application to join the 501st MidSouth Garrison. I first thought about joining the 501st after I saw an article in the “Star Wars Insider” the “Empire Edition”, about the 501st and a Toys for Tots event, but I was totally hooked when the troopers came to the Alzheimer’s Walk. (We have been going to Disney World for Star Wars Weekend for many years to get signatures and we always watch the parade with all of the Star Wars characters and the Florida Garrison.) At the Alzhiemers Walk in Chattanooga TN. two years ago, five troopers from the 501st Tennessee Troopers (one Snowtrooper, who was the captain, three Stormtroopers, and a Sith) came and made a great impression on all of us, especially me. I found an Event Request Form on your website and asked the board to send it in. They almost waited too long to send it but these guys showed up, (and one of my church members, who was at the Walk, was working with the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera, (some of the music was from the Star Wars series) put in a request, and had a great turnout from the 501st – and I was told they were all were very helpful, Darth Vader even helped direct the music and all were dancing on stage. I first thought about working on “Episode 3” Cone armor. I am at the present, thinking about working on a BARC: Kashyyyk tTooper as and I’m trying to stay in the Clone trooper area. How do I get an ID number? I need help in making the trooper costume. Are there kits to get started? Sorry about the long post.