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  1. Hello from Huntsville, AL

    Will you be at the Huntsville Comic and Pop Culture Expo next weekend? We have a few from Memphis driving over for that.
  2. New guy from Memphis (Greedo)

    I wasn't there, but I heard about your costume. Hope your approval goes smoothly, if you need any help, we would be happy to help. Glad to have you and hope to see you at the next event!
  3. Aloha from the Pacific Outpost

    Hey Glenn! Good to have you visiting the Memphis area. I live in Southaven, MS. It is practically a suburb of Memphis. I added you on Facebook. We can chat there on what we have planned in the area ans you are more than welcome to join us.
  4. Hello from Memphis TN

    Hey Alex! Good to have you around. We have quite a few in Memphis, including myself. Do you use Facebook? We chat casually there with locals in Memphis. In the mean time, be sure to do some research on the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detatchments forum (FISD) www.whitearmor.net
  5. Introduction

    @lunknit Keep an eye on the Event Planning: MSG-RRG Joint Ops forums for event sign ups and info.
  6. Hello, ID 71098 here

    Hey Adam. Thanks for registering. Be sure to keep an eye on the Event Planning: MSG-RRG Joint Ops forum for event sign ups and info for the Memphis area.
  7. Hi!

    Hello and welcome to the forums. Be sure to keep an eye on the Event Planning: MSG-RRG Joint Ops forum for upcoming events to sign up and general information.
  8. Introduction

    He is in the Memphis area... are you coming to the Expo this weekend?
  9. login issue with recent update

    The issue was resolved by doing that. Thanks!
  10. I am having difficulties logging in after the forum update. I am using my display name, however it says my password does not match. The only way for me to login is to reset my password, everytime. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Ello from Memphis!

    Hello and welcome! So the Memphians continue to grow... Vast in number... Yet in single file lines to hide their numbers... Oops... Did I steel someone's line? pew pew. Look forward to seeing your TB build.
  12. Hello!

    We also hold armor parties fairly regular. Usually the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month at the Olive Branch library from 2p-6p. Occasionally if there is an event or major holiday it may be cancelled. I mention that because there may be one cancelled next month. Either way, these would be a great opportunity to come out and introduce yourself and bring your gear to work on. Generally we work on our costumes, props, watch movies, and munch on snack foods.
  13. Hello!

    Hey Dennis! Good to see some north Mississippians. I am in Southaven! Feel free to look me up on Facebook or contact me here if you have any questions. Residing in Mississippi, you will be under the Rancor Raiders Garrison with me. Keep us updated with your progress! We would love to have you out as a handler at any event. Check out the MSG-RRG's Joint Ops section here on the forums for events in and around Memphis.
  14. Greetings!!

    If we aren't trooping in Memphis, we are trooping in north Mississippi. MSG-RRG Joint Ops! Whoop!
  15. Greetings from Memphis

    Hey Shannon! I live in Southaven just a jump and skip over the tennessee/mississippi stateline. There are several members in the area, including a couple of Leia's. As they have mentioned before, Leia is a "good guy" character that is handled through the sister orginization the Rebel Legion. If you do join them, you would be welcome to almost all events that the 501st Legion attends. Maybe we can get you interested in a "bad guy" costume to be in both groups sometime in the future. I hope to meet you soon! There are many events between either Memphis or north Mississippi. Keep an eye on the MSG-RRG Joint Ops event section for upcoming events in the Memphis area.