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    Founder and Alor'ad of Blue Moon Clan, Kentucky of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. Club veteran and Official Member 0220 since 2009.
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  1. Hey there everyone. Some of you already know me. I'm the Clan Leader for the Kentucky chapter of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. My name is Darryl, but also known as Dar Kyram. I just wanted to reestablish myself on the forums, so I can be a little more in the loop of things in the local area and keep open relations between your Garrison and my Clan. A happy costume community is a community that communicates. So as I said, I'm just reintroducing myself here. I'm always open for conversation and talking, and pretty understanding guy. So if you ever have any questions or concerns with my Clan or our members, my door is always open. Look forward to being more in touch with you all. Dar Kyram The Skull King Blue Moon Clan Alor'ad Darryl Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club (Kentucky Clan Leader) Ft. Knox, KY Previously signed up a while ago To promote open and friendly communication between MMCC and 501st relations
  2. Oya from Kentucky!

    Hey, just outta curiosity... I was told there was a Mandalorian/Boba Fett selection in the forums? I'm pretty restricted from everything, being I'm not a 501st member... But I just wanted to know where can I find, like, the general topics and discussion boards.
  3. The Sith Have Arrived. >;~)

    Lord Zannah, nice to see you over here. I'm not as active on here as I am other boards... but like I said, us Mandos have to keep tabs on our Sith employers. Make sure you're not prepping a vibroblade for our backs. Glad to see you made it here!
  4. Oya from Kentucky!

    Thanks for the welcome! Hey, I gotta know... how or where did you get the pauldron for your clone? I really want to improve on the costume I have, and although my pauldron works for its intent, it's not as good as I'd like it to be.
  5. Oya from Kentucky!

    Oh sweet! Glad to find some people so close in proximity to me!
  6. Oya from Kentucky!

    Thanks, FallenJedi! So you used to be here, huh? I like it. I'm enjoying it alot so far. It's a far change from the deserts I've grown up in.
  7. Oya from Kentucky!

    You by chance going to ConGlom next weekend? I'm hoping to troop, I'm just waiting for all my stuff to get here from Nevada. It's taking them three weeks! If I could have afford it, I could have driven across the country and back with all my stuff faster. Oh well. I'm hoping my armor gets here safe and soundly. I have to replace the visor because it's crap light-green tint with a rush job of window tint applied on it the night before SDCC. It's horrible under flash... I've been hunting for decent cutting shields with tint, but no one has any that isn't all clear. I may have to tough it out, buy a clear shield and cut it out and do a darker window tint to my visor and hope it works for next weekend.
  8. Oya from Kentucky!

    Well, hi there. I'm Darryl, but I'm known as The Skull King or Dar Kyram on the boards these days. I'm currantly an active member of the Mando Mercs Costuming Club, and I've just recently been stationed in Ft. Knox, Kentucky. I've known about the 501st for some time, and actually it was the concept of the 501st and Rebel Legion's costuming that got me started, and eventually how I found my way to the Mando Mercs to make my Mandalorian costume. I'm here on your boards now because I'm just reaching out to the bigger community of costumers, because where I'm from in Northern Nevada, there wasn't anyone, of any of the three big Star Wars costuming groups, to associate with other than me and my friends. And of that group, I'm the only one to have finished my armor and gotten to troop (at the San Diego Comic Con '09). So hopefully I'll be able to get to know some of you here in Kentucky. I'm signing up with Rebel Legion as well for the same purpose. ...And because I plan on eventually making a Corran Horn costume someday, but that's down the road. Anyway, this is me!
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