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  1. I was hoping to make it to this. I have always wanted to fire a thompson But I am heading up to Metropolis on Saturday and won't be back til late, then I am off the Belcourt for the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight. If anything changes though, I will be there Have fun
  2. Newbie sorta

    Yeah. I am just a little more than I should be around the middle. But i have lost 27 lbs since the last time i tried, so this might be interesting. I think coming and seeing how everyone else puts on the armor will help emensly. Plus I am missing a couple of pieces (hand guards and the pack that goes on the small of the back) but I am sure I can either buy those or get help making them. I have subscribed to the Events forums just to ensure I know what is going on. I would love to go to that con this weekend, but I am not sure if my gf would be ok with it...lol. Got to avoid the lady aggro
  3. Newbie sorta

    Just tell me where and when and I am there
  4. Newbie sorta

    Thanks for all the welcomes and well wishes. I actually have the P90X videos as well as Insanity and was going to start on those. But I want to get a little bit more healthy before I work on those. I have moved from 265 in Decemeber down to 238 as of last night. My goal is 200 by Dragon*Con, which is what I was before I started working 3rd shift (and if anyone tells you 3rd shift is like any other shift, punch them in the nose). I am also working on a Repo mask for the movie Repo: The Genetic Opera. I have a full coat already thanks to some help from the guy who made the one for the movie, but the mask is a real pain.
  5. Newbie sorta

    My name is Jason Kittrell and I live in Hendersonville, TN. I am not currently affiliated with any costuming groups at all, but I have been doing horror makeup and costuming for years now. I love dressing up (usually in some sorta horror costume or makeup) and currently work both as a Microsoft instructor and scareactor for a local haunted house (during the season of course) I have been going to Dragon*Con for 18 years now. I was so inspired by seeing all the cool Star Wars costumes there that I bought a stormtrooper costume off EBay a few years ago. Unfortunatly, I also put on some pounds and now I cannot get the costume to fit the way I would like it to. That is the whole reason I have not joined the 501st yet. I am hoping to change that. I have been emailing Skip for a while and trying to see if we can get together and work on this. Great guy (and has an awesome Iron Man costume to boot). I have read about all the gresat charitable giving that you guys do and I want to be a part of it. I am a very outgoing person and wat to do all I can for my fellow man. I hope to someday soon join your ranks Thanks for listening. Jay