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    Nashville, Tennessee
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    costuming, puppetry, crafting of various sorts, cartooning, making life fun

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    Interested in becoming a member of both 501st and Rebel Legion, thanks to my GA Garrison 501st friends. :)
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  1. Upgrade to MSG Membership?

    Thank you, Chris!
  2. Upgrade to MSG Membership?

    Um... I've got BFFs Washington and Lincoln, but that's the best I can do. XD Guess I'll keep waiting...? No patience. I wanna play with errybody already. EDIT: Posting timing clash--This one went in before I saw Dune's. Oops. Thank you! Um... Red Vines, standing by!
  3. I'm in the 501st, hooray! DZ-9376 <--WOOT. Thing is, I still can't see anything else on this board. I know there's more there, especially general/off-topic discussions, but I can't see them, so I can't participate and I risk going SO OFF TOPIC on the Star Wars threads, it ain't even funny. Is there another requirement I need to meet so I can participate in conversation a little more? I'm trying, but sometimes there's nothing much for me to say SW-wise and maybe I just wanna talk about cats, sewing woes, awesome cars or that crazy "Gangnam Style" video that the kids like right now.
  4. General/Off topic Discussion

    *raises hand* Please sir, pardon me fer askin', sir, but is there additional protocol required to see the general discussion and other miscellany, sir? (Seriously, though, I'm curious.)
  5. Greetings!

    I think I registered here last year, then got distracted by family and real life stuff and forgot to finish the process. Let's set that right now, shall we? The required formalities, as set forth by the Empire: - Real Name: Jaime Hitchcock (online handle "Smits") - Affiliations: I have a handful of friends in the Georgia Garrison who got me interested in this, and have started making friends in the Rebel Legion now as well. (Non-SW related: I'm also a member of both the Middle TN Ghostbusters and Georgia Ghostbusters, who are also all about costuming for charity purposes. I like that part.) - Location: Spring Hill, TN. I usually say Nashville, though, since not many people know where Spring Hill is. - How you learned about us: Originally from a nice TK at GMX 2009. Reminded at GMX 2010 by a nice fella in Starship Troopers armor. - Why you are requesting access to the MidSouth Garrison discussion board: To make friends, learn as much as I can and eventually become official. I've been a handler at a couple of events and I even enjoy that, honestly. It's a lot of fun and I adore seeing people do something they love for a good cause. (I cry every time I read about R2-KT, so yes, I am behind this 100000%.) Additional notes: If any of you who were at Ghouls at Grassmere on the 30th read this, hi. I was the one girl Ghostbuster who was doing her best to help assemble some of you. Unfortunately, I flew in and did it without introductions. *oops* You were fun to put together, though! I'd be happy to assist again. No better way to learn, right? Thanks VERY much to the nice folks who invited us out to troop with you guys and the Rebel Legion. We had a blast...and now I'm slave to the want of Mirta Gev armor.