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    I'm a med student. When I grow up I'm going to work in trauma. I'm a Star Wars fan and I suppose being in the 501st and dressing up is my escape from reality. I have an awesome son who is a Jawa in the Galactic Academy, CDZ-0086.

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  1. New guy from Knoxville, TN

    Welcome to the family!!!! My son and baby brother are also Jawas!! I look forward to trooping with you!! If you need help with your Tusken, let me know!!
  2. Updated Picture

    Thank you very much!
  3. Updated Picture

  4. Updated Picture

    How can I submit a better pic for my 501st Legion profile?
  5. Calling Dr. Tusken. . .

    Thanks everyone! Here the post I made about my troop at Adventurecon:
  6. My name is Russ Ellis, DZ-4042. I am a med-student and a single dad with a passion for Star Wars. I just got into the costuming game back in February and have made 2 Jawas ($600 EACH. Yea, I'm crazy, I know.) and my Tusken Riader. I'll be more than happy to share pics if anyone wants. I had my first troop a couple weeks ago - Adventurecon in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It was AWESOME! I won best Star Wars costume in the costume contest and my son (Jawa #1) won best in show in the kids category. I can't wait until my next troop! Unfortunately, my school schedule will prevent me from attending CV :0( . Oh well. . . the life of a med student I suppose.