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  1. New guy from Knoxville, TN

    Welcome to the family!!!! My son and baby brother are also Jawas!! I look forward to trooping with you!! If you need help with your Tusken, let me know!!
  2. Updated Picture

    How can I submit a better pic for my 501st Legion profile?
  3. Updated Picture

    Thank you very much!
  4. Updated Picture

  5. My name is Russ Ellis, DZ-4042. I am a med-student and a single dad with a passion for Star Wars. I just got into the costuming game back in February and have made 2 Jawas ($600 EACH. Yea, I'm crazy, I know.) and my Tusken Riader. I'll be more than happy to share pics if anyone wants. I had my first troop a couple weeks ago - Adventurecon in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It was AWESOME! I won best Star Wars costume in the costume contest and my son (Jawa #1) won best in show in the kids category. I can't wait until my next troop! Unfortunately, my school schedule will prevent me from attending CV :0( . Oh well. . . the life of a med student I suppose.
  6. Calling Dr. Tusken. . .

    Thanks everyone! Here the post I made about my troop at Adventurecon: