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    Sportbikes, Sportbike ridin', getting my tC better gas mileage, Star Wars (the original trilogy), PS3, Sci-Fi...anything else just ask!!

    Ya'll wanna go hit up US 421 in Shady Valley TN?

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    I am a proud member of the 501st transferring to the MSG from the Pacific Outpost
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  1. Past Events

    I finally found the "comment" button. It was slightly a lighter shade of black/gray in the upper right-hand corner. LOL
  2. Past Events

    Thanks Robbie.. It might be my old eyes, and may have missed the "add/reply" option. Thanks for your help!
  3. Past Events

    Quick ?... After the events have been completed, when do they get moved to the "Archived" directory? I was going to post "MIssion Completed" in the thread but since its in the "archive" I can't post to it. (yeah, I'm a couple days late LOL) Just wondering.
  4. Legion Email address

    Hi guys, I was wondering how to update/change my email address on the 501st forums. Its still stating my old email from 5-6 years ago. From what i read on the support thread was to let you guys know or perhaps the GML? I know the current email address on this site is current but I need the 501st forum info updated/changed. Thanks for the help!
  5. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    Hey Robbie.. What college did you grad from? I just graduated from King this past weekend!!
  6. E-mail address update

    Hey guys, Just wondering how do I check my 501st.com email info? I've got a brain fart here. Just need to confirm or update it. Thanks!!
  7. Hello From Sevierville!

    Welcome to the area dude!! Tri-cities area here!!
  8. New girl from martin

    Did he at least buy you dinner AND a movie?
  9. Not sure where to post this up but the "team" (yes the fiance and the kids and now a prospective 501st recruit) and I were wondering if there was any info on this if we were invited back? Also, I'm wondering about the Kid's day we went to last year in 'Nooga and if we are also doing their Boo @ the Zoo? Again, if this is in the wrong area please move thanks!! Thanks for your input all!!
  10. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Welcome aboard!!
  11. Hey Brent, Sweet...hope to troop and ride with you sometime... What year is your Jixx? Ya know where I'm at...*LOL* --Sammy
  12. Thanks everyone for all the greetings!! I'm excited and can't wait to get trooping and and entire new set of experiences!! Hope I don't let ya'll down.
  13. Hey Brent!! Hope to meet a fellow X-Pacific Outpost-er... And hope to meet all the MSG peeps soon too!!
  14. Thanks Jody!! I can't wait either, although I gotta find my speaker charger...its somewhere...*LOL* And can't wait to get started on my EP III bucket...
  15. ALOHA everyone!! I'm Sammy transferring from the Pacific Outpost and reporting for duty!! Finally got my stuff moved last week and I found my TB within all the non-correctly marked boxes. My 501st designation is 6499 and currently a TB and wanting to get started on an EP III 501st clone. I've got the bucket but still shopping around for some affordable armor. I hope to be trooping with you guys soon!! --Sammy TB-6499