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    I work at Joseph Beth and am a SW super geek.
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  1. JBB Emp Checking In

    http://nedhardy.com/2010/01/28/9-awesome-star-wars-propaganda-posters/ Really smarter than it has any right to be.
  2. JBB Emp Checking In

    Hey all, I'm Andrew Moser from Tennessee, currently residing and working at Joseph Beth Booksellers. Just wanted to say all three events that I've seen have been huge successes for the kids that come to the store..and the kids that work at the store. Thank you guys so much for the time in the "sauna". It'll prep you guys for Tatooine work. So, thanks for all who drove up from out of state or drove in from down the street. Boundless patience, awesome costumes, and willingness to pose for silly grown fan boy employees. So, Wootini, Andrew
  3. had a great time working the 501st event at Joseph Beth.