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    BH-6963 Proud to finally be a part of the 501st. Also the Con Chairman over Con Nooga (www.ConNooga.com)
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  1. Todd Patton - BH-6963 Proud to finally be a 501st member after years and years of watching all my great friends join! I'm proud of the 501st and can not wait to represent with honor and pride. The charity work that the 501st does as an organization and the events where we get to see wide eyed youngsters as they get photo ops - is all far worth the effort put forth. I'm also working on a Storm Commando and a Shadow Guard costume. Hope to have those ready later this year - had originally planned on CV - but put the effort into my Jango Fett costume. Time is never on my side. I'm proud to be a part of the 501st and the Con Chairman for Con Nooga (www.ConNooga.com) the South's newest Multi-Genre or as we call it - Multi-Fandom Convention. Based out of the amazing Chattanooga Tennessee area and ready to serve among my brethren in the Mos Nooga Squad. For any horror or haunt enthusiasts I also manage and run the Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern in Chattanooga. I would love to even set a night where the 501st could do an exploit during the Haunt and raise awareness and some money for a local charity. (If anyone might want to do that?) Sorry getting ahead of myself! Looking forward to meeting and trooping with many and totally psyched about CV coming up fast!