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  1. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Thanks everyone! I can haz member access?
  2. Heeeelllllooooo!

    TB-3646 ready to serve the Empire! (thank you Luke for taking and submitting my pictures)
  3. Ya Its nice meeting you too :) Hope to see ya guys soon!

  4. Hey! It was nice meeting you at MSC. I hope I get to see you at more troops soon. >^..^<

  5. I'm Official!

    Thanks for the offer! I might have to take her up on that but I am going to give it a shot. I have already bought the material for the diaper but I was wanting to wait until I had the hard armor to make sure I made it the correct length. And something to brighten everyones evening:
  6. I'm Official!

    Yes we do! I ordered my TB over the weekend and now the waiting game...
  7. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Haha. Thanks Loki, the pictures turned out great. I am pretty proud of my trooping wounds. :-)
  8. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Hey guys, I had a great time yesterday! I have the pictures up from Lowes'-Gallatin and Nashville's Comic Con. I have them posted on FaceBook as public so it should be like any image hosting site: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2366745&id=38413172&l=d6f20374aa
  9. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Thanks for the updates! We will be at Lowes' Kids Day in Gallatin and Nashville's ComicCon on the 25th. We plan on making it out to Chattanooga soon but we can't pass up multiple event in town.
  10. Heeeelllllooooo!

    Isn't there a Family fun day coming up in late September or early October in Chattanooga? I can't find any related thread.
  11. Hello there!

    Welcome husband!
  12. Heeeelllllooooo!

    It was great meeting all of you as well. In case you aren't a facebooker, here is a link to the Nashville Autism Walk 2010: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2360913&id=38413172&l=2fdb1e4280
  13. New to the site

    Welcome! Ventress is a great choice. Are you going to skull cap or skin head?
  14. Heeeelllllooooo!

    PM received! Thanks and see you all on Saturday, bright and early!