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  1. Cat, Rose is getting ready to sew my scout trooper cumber-bun/diaper thing. If you're needing one, she may be able to build one for you at a very reasonable price (when you're ready)

    Just throwing that out there, no pressure :lol:

    Thanks for the offer! I might have to take her up on that but I am going to give it a shot. I have already bought the material for the diaper but I was wanting to wait until I had the hard armor to make sure I made it the correct length.

    And something to brighten everyones evening:

  2. Haha, you guys are awesome.

    @dogsondagobah- You look bad ass on that bike! After much contemplation, I have decided that I want my first suit to be ANH Stunt but I have a feeling that I will be a TB some day.

    It appears that I do not have access for replying in the Upcoming Event area so I will just let it be known in this topic. We are definitely going to the Autism Walk on Sept. 11th. I'll keep an eye out for updates in that thread but I assume that we will need to get there earlier than the event's start time. I know how to get there so it should not be too hard.

  3. @Cody - dang. How could I have taken so many pictures but missed you and Luke?!

    Don't worry guys. I'll make up for it at the next event . :D

    Now, a serious question. TB or not TB, that is the question. I think the Biker Scout suit is great for mobility but I like the idea of always blending with a pack of Stormtroopers. It seems like the Biker Scout would be more likely to be the only one if there is a function with only a handful of suited individuals.

    Do Biker Scouts get called, "the weird looking Stormtrooper" a lot? Besides mobility and cost, is there any other pros to being a Biker Scout? Anybody have pointers for what is more forgiving for the female body?

  4. I wish the Sept. 11th events didn't clash. We will probably end up at the Autistic Walk. My friends have a 6 y/o autistic son so that one rings close to home not to mention it is located closer to home. :angry: However, if we could be of more use at the Louisville event then let me know.

    I am getting excited about all these opportunities. I have an eye on a few events in later September/early October. I'll make sure to post in the Upcoming Events threads once we are confirmed attendees.

    Thank you all for such a warm welcoming!

  5. Cat, you and your husband need to come to the Churchill Downs Diabetes event in Louisville, KY on Sept 11th. Come as handlers and hang out with us, see what it's all about.

    We also have Dragon*Con coming up in Atlanta. You MUST go to that. Quite a few of us will be there all weekend.

    Welcome to the board. For you... I'm thinking Biker Scout.

    I didn't see that event listed. That sounds awesome. I will have to check to make sure we don't have conflicting obligations. Is it an early start?

  6. Hi Catherine,

    Welcome to the MSG.

    We have a lot of troopers in the Nashville area. I encourage you & hubbie to come out to an event and introduce yourselves. We'll have an event nearly every weekend this fall. I look forward to meeting you guys.

    Thanks Don! Does the calendar have all the events listed? If so, the first event we will be able to make it out to will be "Kid’s Day” at Coolidge Park - Chattanooga TN in late September.

  7. Nice CV pics. You didn't get one of me, but I'll let it slide. There is a great group of people in the Nashville area that will make sure you feel right at home I'm sure.

    Haha! Thank you. Check my other CV album. I just posted another 100+ photos on facebook that I didn't have time to upload while at the convention. I am about to start working on the videos.


  8. Hey everybody!

    My name is Catherine Hodge. Currently I have no affiliation but I hope to join MSG ranks soon! I have lived in Nashville, TN my entire life and really enjoy it. I had seen a pack of troopers before and had heard that there was some type of fan based group but that was all of my knowledge about the 501st until last weekend at Celebration V. I went to several of the 501st panels which were very helpful and got me interested in joining. Since then my husband and I have been doing a ton of research on the interwebz and whitearmor.

    You can check out my CV album on facebook in the link below: