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    Kentucky. Louisville Area
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    Star Wars and Star Wars costuming. Action Adventure Books and Movies. German Shepherd dogs. Paleontology, Astronomy, Iron-Age Northern European History, Sitting by a fire, Gardening, Socializing, Jogging, and good Food and drink. >;~)

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    I am the curent membership officer of The Dark Empire Costuming Orginization. We are very much interested in trooping with the 501st. My husband and myself met some 501st members at the Diabetes Walk in Louisville Ky. They invited me to join the Midsouth Garrison boards. Also, my husband is interested in aquiring armor and joining the 501st. Thanks, Zannah
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  1. Greetings from Lou

    Hello there handsome. Do I know you from somewhere? That face looks really familiar.
  2. Finally!

    Congratulations Darren and welcome to Officialdom! Brandenburg Ky. huh? Your right out mine and my husbands our back door!
  3. Hello There.

    Welcome to MidSouth Kevin. Good to see someone else in Kentucky on the forums. My husband and I would like to see you at one of our events our way and get to meet you. Again.. welcome!
  4. Hello From Falmouth, Ky

    Greetings Cody and welcome on board.
  5. Hello From Northern Kentucky

    Welcome to the funnest and wildest Garrison this side of the Mississippi. Glad to have you with us.
  6. Hello From Louisville Ky.

    Hello and greetings to you Michael. I and my husband live outside of Brooks Ky, between Brooks and Westpoint. We are neighbors. My husband is putting together an Ep.III Clone Costume. I have an approved Darth Traya and your in the right place to join a costume club. The Legion is the cream of the crop and I can say that because I also belong to a couple other groups. I love those groups too but the Legion... well, the Legion is the Legion. I have quite a couple of Star Wars tales myself on how I too became addicted but there isn't enough space here. Maybe we can meet for lunch sometime? Do you have a significant other? If your interested, just send me a pm and we'll come up with something. Cathy aka Sith Mistress
  7. Well, well Corey. This name sure sounds familiar. Welcome to the forums and thank you so much for contacting us with a troop request. We'll do what we can for you and I'm looking forward to meeting you both.
  8. Salutations To All In The Msg

    Helloooo there Commander. Winks And... he's a post Order 66 Clone. I made sure of it when I ordered his costume. Winks again.
  9. Hi

    Greetings Jeff and welcome to Kentucky. Hope you find a warm welcome here in the Bluegrass State area of our Garrison. Looking forward to meeting you and your wife.

    Giggling... again, "Thank You To Everyone"! ... And "A special thanks to Chris for the name upgrade and all". .. I'll see some of you at C-6, and the rest of you guys I hope, in the not too distant future.

    Thanks one and all! Pat, you completely crack me up! I hope to see you at the Diabetes walk, I'll be sporting my Traya for that one. Wwwwow. Guys, this feels really good. Big sighs... OH! Would it be permissiable for me to change my profile name to .. "Sith Mistress"? I have two Sith ladies I portray and the continued Lord Zannah title doesn't seem appropriate. Thanks again everyone for the warm welcomes. And again.... To the Commnad Staff who made this happen... HUGE HUGS and THANK YOU's!!

    Thank You! ... LOL!!! And Imagiine that! >;~)
  13. OH MUH GERDS, OH MUH GOODNESS, OH MY, MY, MY!!! ... I'M IN! I'M AN OFFICIAL IMPERIAL!! :D Thank you so very much to all who helped expidite this submission!! Thank you, Thank you!! 501st Legion - Member Details Costumes SL - Darth Traya Name: Cathy L Richter (Zannah) Member ID: SL 9379 Member Since: August 2012 E-mail: Classified information (private) Address: Classified information (private) City, State Zip Country: Brooks Kentucky 40109 USA Phone: Classified information (private) URL : no personal website listed Garrison (rank): Midsouth Garrison ( ) Profile updated: I have a question, now that I have an approved Darth Traya with the Legion, may I change my profile name to "Sith Mistress"? Being Lord Zannah isn't coverinig everything. >;~) Oh I simply can not tell you how thrilling this is!! I hope to see all of you at Celebration! And if not, then I hope to see you very soon! YAY!!!! :D :D
  14. Oh muh goodness!! Thanks to one and all... my nerves are shot!! I'm so anxious about all of it. Thanks to all of you for the good vibes and well wishes. I want this badly... thank you!! >;~)
  15. Thank you so much, my photos are on their way... !!