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  1. Greetings from Mount Juliet

    Welcome!!!! We always need more Sandtroopers. Can never have to much dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Looking forward to meeting you and talking shop this weekend sir at the Lipscomb event.
  3. Is the troop tomorrow in Mboro by invite only since I did not get a call?

  4. I'm Official!

    TK-4431 reporting for duty. Long live the Empire!!!!!! also requesting full access to the forum. my 501st profile
  5. Hello there!

    Hey Dune, I had a question that was hoping you could help with. We ( mainly Catherine) has been in contact with a armor maker for some time now. And we are at the stage now where we are ready to send money. The question came up when we got his last email "PP can be sent to this email address. I will order ASAP when I receive payment." We were under the assumption that these people made the armor their selves and the word "order" threw me off a bit. Now maybe it's just the sheriff deputy in me that is suspicious but thought we should ask befor paying a lot of money to this guy we don't know. Thanks for any help you can render. David Hodge.
  6. Hello there!

    My name is David Hodge and have lived in Nashville my whole life. Have been a life long Star Wars fan and now that I am an adult am wanting to take it to the next level. My wife and I went to CV and had the time of our live there. We spent most of out time in the 501st panels soaking up as much info as we could. Here recently we got to do our first handler gig at the Autism Walk in Nashville, and was VERY impressed with the professionalism and level of hospitality from everyone there. Looking forward to our next event and even more so looking forward to building out own TKs.