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    Being Deployed to remote locations, searching for droids, manning checkpoints & roadblocks, blaster gunnery live-fire exercises

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  1. Greetings

    Awesome, thanks for the replies guys and the welcome. I will definitely stay clear of ebay, heard enough horror stories from there on this. Looking forward to getting started on this and would love to come out and see an event if it works out.
  2. Greetings

    Hi, My name is Mike Greene and I live in Loudon Tn. I met Tambo a year ago at Ft. Campbell and he was the first to explain to me about what it was to be in the 501st. Between my job and military deployments I'm just now getting the time to look into this more. I'm very interested in joining as a sandtrooper and I know there is a lot of equipment and kits that I will need to purchase. Can anyone direct me to the best place to purchase an armor kit to get started? Thx