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    I am from Knoxville and I am interested in joining the 501st
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  1. New to Nashville

    Thanks, and you too!
  2. New to Nashville

    Thank you for the warm welcome. My son and I will be at Wizard World on Sunday. I hope to meet some of you all there tomorrow.
  3. New to Nashville

    Hi, My name is John and I’m a retired Special Effects Artist and I just relocated from Maryland to Nashville, TN. In 2001 I joined the 501st, as TK-2747, while I lived / worked in New Zealand. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete a trooper costume and participate in any of the 501st activities. Now that I am established in Nashville and semi-retired from my 2nd career, I want to restart my 501st application and being participating in local activities. I have always been a “creatures” guy, but I love the AT-AT Driver / Tie Pilot helmets as well as the ROTJ Vader costume. I have years of costuming, model making, sculpting, molding and casting experience. I am not opposed to making one of the cannon creatures from scratch. I am also looking for a ESB Vader costume for an art project / display in my house. If possible, I would like to meet up with some of experienced representatives and discuss my costuming options. Thanks and I look forward to meeting up and working with you all in the near future. Regards, John