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    I'm currently in Tyranus, I love what the 501st does but until recently have not had time in the US to participate. Now I want to get in on as much as possible.
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  1. Hello There.

    Welcome to MSG Kevin. You are definitely in the right place.
  2. Hi From Sting The Newbie!

    Hey Sting!! Glad you finally made it on here.
  3. Deaf Member!

    Welcome aboard Matthew. You are in the right area, you'll have help out there if you need it. Don't be afraid to ask questions and come out to events.
  4. First Try At Armor

    Welcome aboard James. Don hit it on the head, there's basically a TK factory down there in Nashville and a lot of serious experience. FISD is also a site you need to live on for every step of the build. Brian is the chief armorer over there and has forgotten more about white armor than I will probably ever know. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
  5. From The Dune Sea To Nashville

    Welcome aboard Mike.
  6. Leaving For Alaska

    Good deal, will do. They are pretty low key and great folks. I grew up with half of them since elementary school. I will let them know you're coming.
  7. Leaving For Alaska

    Good luck up there. Where are you going to be up there? Most of their troopers are in Fbks but there are a couple in Anchorage and Juneau also. Should I let them know you're coming?
  8. Howdy From The Carolinas!

    Hey Tom, great to have you here. It's weird for this group but I suck at SW trivia but still enjoy it. Hope to see you out at the NOPI event.
  9. Aspiring 501St Member Saying Hello

    Welcome to MSG Jack. That will be a really costume once you finish. I've never seen one before so that's always really cool.
  10. Hello From Louisville Ky.

    Welcome aboard Michael. I am right down the road from you at Knox. I've never worked on a guard before but want to build one someday with my wife. Same thing with bounty hunters. The only ones I've ever done any work with are the female characters. I'm always happy to help though.
  11. Memphis Wookiee

    Welcome to MSG! Great to have you here.
  12. I definitely think this should be pinned.
  13. Greetings From Scruffy Knoxville

    Welcome aboard Pat. To answer your question, you are already doing it. Research is a great start. I believe the best thing you can do is come out to events and meet folks. I tried doing this in a vacuum for a year or so, spent a lot of money and spun my wheels. I went to one MSG troop in 2009, met Jonathan Walker, Corey Miller, Don and Raychel. From there I learned how to do it right during one meal at Panera Bread. Corey sold me a kit and I've been doing it ever since. So get out and meet folks. Help them get dressed and just talk to people. This is a very friendly group, that's what it's about.
  14. South East Tennessee

    Hey Edward, glad you finally made it over to the boards.