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  1. Event Name: Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Event Venue: Minor Memorial United Methodist Venue address: 6120 Goodman Road Walls, Mississippi 38680 USA Event Start: March 21, 2020 - 330 pm Event End: March 21, 2020 - 700 pm Event Website: Expected number of attendees: 60 Requested number of characters: 5 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Can troopers carry blasters: Yes Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes Is parking available: Yes Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes Amenities available at venue: Restroom Water Soda Food Cookies and ice cream Comments: This events is for our cub scouts to bridge over to Boys Scouts. Referred by: Volunteer page on Facebook
  2. Trooper recruit possibly?

    Sorry I am little late to this party. LIke others have said check out the FISD, they'll help direct you. Do NOT buy anything form Etsy or eBay :). It's mostly junk.
  3. hello 501st

    For clones you'll wanna check out https://501stclonetroopers.com/. We don't have a local maker that I'm aware of. I've built 2 clones and I'll go ahead and warn you they are a lot of work!
  4. Like David said, you can't go wrong with too many TKs. We have a pretty good mix of troopers so do what speaks to you!
  5. Greetings From Nashville!

    Hello Eric, Welcome! Ed is the go to guy for TK help. As I told you before, I have much more experience building clones. A few resources that will help you along the way are http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/ and the legion CRLS http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:FISD_CRL

    At the rate I'm going I'm shooting for the last lol
  7. A new Medic on his way to his new home :)

    Hope to troop with you soon! We have another South Carolina transplant here as well.
  8. New girl from martin

    Aren't you a little short to be a storm trooper?....sorry I had to do it
  9. New girl from martin

    They accept me and I'm rebel scum!
  10. Greetings

    And I said he has me confused cause I didn't send him a pm
  11. Greetings

    Yea it was a long time, maybe sooner than that. I hung out all day lol probably getting on some peoples nerves.
  12. Greetings

    So far everyone I've met is awesome I can't wait to get together! Sl100, I think youve got me confused.
  13. Greetings

    Plus it's very hard for me to pick a starting point with stormtrooping. I'm not sure if I want to be a TK, a snowtrooper, or a sandtrooper. Ultimately I would like to have trooper armor, Vader armor, and maybe Boba Fett.
  14. Greetings

    Hello to all my fellow Star Wars fans. I have been a fan of the 501st for a long time. I first remember seeing you guys at the Bellevue Mall in Nashville. The only name I remember is Skip, who was Darth Vader. Everyone was extremely nice and answered every question my young brain could come up with. I also use to work at the Toys R Us in West Knoxville, meeting several members there as well. I have recently made a Jed costume and am waiting acceptance into the Rebel Alliance. I ran into two members at Bailey's on Halloween who suggest I join. When I was younger I was a boy scout and was very active in charity work. I have been looking for a good way to continue that and what better way than to combine it with Star Wars?! I also play and collect Star Wars miniatures if there is anyone else in Knoxville who is interested. I hope to get some armor when I get the funds. I decided to do a Jedi first because it seemed to be a little more simple. I mean after all, there are so many cool Imperials to choose from! Thank you for accepting me and I hope to join you at events very soon!