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    i would like to join 501st because i love starwars, the movies and games, and i think it would be fun to do charity work and spread awareness of starwars by wearing costumes.
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  1. Hello everyone!

    Ill need a little info on this stuff before i can go. And maby somewhere to meet ip with someone so i dont wander around lost. If anyone would like to call or tect me maby as an easier way to contact me my number is 661 912 6163
  2. Hello everyone!

    What do i need to do to go? Never been to anything like this before.
  3. Hello everyone!

    If I can I will ill put in for the days off if u give me exact dates and times
  4. Hello everyone!

    I was just in best buy a little bit ago and met cory, I don't remember what he said his fourm name was
  5. Hello everyone!

    Hey everyone! Just to let y'all know I am back from afghanistan now and am back at fort campbell. I will try to show up to any events I can and bring my camera
  6. Hello everyone!

    well i dont even have a coin to flip. out here we use pogs for change.... and im actually being serious. pogs dont flip good their too light.
  7. Hello everyone!

    i have alot that i would love to do but they all have their own level of awsomeness and i dont know which to choose.
  8. Hello everyone!

    Would Darth Maul be an easy first costume? I would have to learn how to use a lightsaber though. Also i have horribly unsteady hands and do believe i might have an issue doing my own makeup.
  9. Hello everyone!

    when i get back ill talk to my boss about it. he is leaving to a different unit though but even if he does leave quick i know alot of pilots that are pretty cool.
  10. Hello everyone!

    o thats cool. well if you ever want to fly on a chinook, one of my bosses is a 47 pilot. i think it would be cool to get some pictures of some clone troopers or stormtroopers sittng on the ramp while we were flying. i would have to work it out with him after i get to know you guys for a bit but its just an idea.
  11. Hello everyone!

    noticed you in a 47 skip. what unit are you with?
  12. Hello everyone!

    thank you very much skip. i will be getting back to the states in a few months and will let you guys know when i am back. ill start with a stormtrooper for the moment seince it is a first time project and maby ill get with someone in clarksville that is building one currently and just sit back and watch them build it so i can get some tips and possibly experience if i help.
  13. Hello everyone!

    I have been reading alot around the forums and have seen people talk about Skip (SL100) alot and he seems to be the guy to go to for geting stormtrooper kits. Does anyone know if he would possibly be able to help? Also something if you guys would let me or want me to, I have a descent camera and would love takeing pictures at any events you guys do. I would only be able to do that kind of stuff after work though or on weekends due to work schedual.
  14. Hello everyone!

    Where might i be able to aquire materials or possible a kit to make said things?
  15. Hello everyone!

    let me start with saying sorry for calling it cosplay. and i do believe i will listen to everyones advice and not do ARC or clone commander for my first build. Any reccomendations on something that would be an easy first?