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    planning to be a art teacher. I'm 21 and I go to the University of Martin(UTM) I live in TN in a small town.
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  1. Good to see you moving down here, hope Julie and you enjoy Nashville!
  2. Checkin' in from Silver Point, TN

    Welcome Alan! Good luck on your Set!
  3. Hello

    HI Ryan! And Congratulations hope your wife has a safe delivery! ^o^
  4. New girl from martin

  5. New girl from martin

    Could u ask him to send some pics to me aswell.
  6. Ya Its nice meeting you too :) Hope to see ya guys soon!

  7. Hey! It was nice meeting you at MSC. I hope I get to see you at more troops soon. >^..^<

  8. New girl from martin

    Nah It's ok, I had a great Time! Awesome meeting you guys aswell and lando was cool. You need to ask him about a weird kid that was talking to us, Creepy!
  9. New girl from martin

    YES SIR! >
  10. New girl from martin

    Really? XD
  11. New girl from martin

    The avatar is from my favorite show and it makes me laugh everytime. KITTY TIME!
  12. New girl from martin

  13. New girl from martin

    I can't wait! only a couple of day! i'll be there on saturday i guess I'll cosplay as a geisha since it'll be easy to pack. Look forward to seeing your guys there!