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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Thanks for talking with me at Pellicon, twas awesome!
  2. Hello Everyone!

    well I'm 100% going to pellicon, hope to see everyone there!
  3. Hello Everyone!

    haha (knoxville is evil) well I can't really dispute that from what i've seen! but I might be able to go to the Pellicon March and i'll definitely would love to meet and greet y'all seem like a great bunch of guys and gals. I haven't started on my suit yet, gonna wait till after i've seen some of yours and talk to y'all about y'alls projects then I'll start mine! -Just looked into Pellicon a little more...you'll see me there for at least one if not both days!
  4. Howdy All! My name is Cody Walker and I'm currently a student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, majoring in Biology. I've always been a big fan of Star Wars but I'm more into volunteering and giving back to the community as I'm a volunteer nurse for a elementary school and an active member of Remote Area Medical (RAM) and various other non-profit organizations. I was looking around different volunteer organizations and stumbled unto the 501st and I kind of fell in love, cause it's such a great idea to bring awareness to a wide variety of subjects, but more so, cause it just looks fun/awesome. I hope in the future I can get to know everyone and looking forward to trooping. Over and Out, Cody aka Red