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  1. HI

    Hi ....
  2. Hello

    Hi Ryan , I'm new 2
  3. Hi......

    WoW , that sounds like a a lot of work! sounds fun though......Clonezilla mentioned that he thought there was an event in or towards knox june 4th im gonna try to be at that one
  4. Hi......

    Where would a good starting point be for me? I assume by you saying "Research , Research , Research" would mean to look out for cheap products or scams but we all know how far assuming will get a person sometimes. I just really don't know where to begin , I've introduced myself in the forums at clonetroopers.net and have kinda looked around there website but thats as far as I've went. LOL i'm just right now kinda like uh , what now? Tambo , I will have to stop collect for a month or two
  5. Hi......

    sl100 , I was researching around last night on my lap top and found my was to a i think was starfortress.com??? something like that. Anyways I seen all of the armor and stuff there and remember thinking surely you don't have to do all that painting on it ??? it does look like it can be a lengthly process ! I thought maybe it was best to shop around by a piece or two here and have someone else do my suit. Since this is my first ! Thank you for the welcome , you and Alex
  6. Hi......

    Man you guys I want to thank all of you !! Yall know how to make a person feel welcomed Thanks for pointing me in all the right directions! And as Dune says hopefully I will trooping soon
  7. Hi......

    Bat Bob ,Thanks man for that information !!! I will go with Clone Trooper and I am very Excited to get started with this "Addiction". Is it even possible to have a Battle Damaged clone trooper? I don't even know where to begin or where to start looking.
  8. Hi......

    Hi........ My name is Jeffrey Shuford ! I have no affliations with the 501st(wish to one day though) or anyone else. I live in Rutledge Tennessee . Its just a little place about 30 minutes from Knoxville and about 20 from Jefferson City TN. I learned about the 501st from David Hester (SithLord66) He suggested this forum to me and said I should introduce myself so here I am!! I have never done any type of custuming but I wish to start. I wold like to get a custume as a battle damaged (armor scarred and cracked in a few places) 501st Clone Trooper. Either that or I would like to try to the Sith Lord Darth Malgus. I've got to attempted to convince the wife that I need to start purchasing this stuff first , hopefully she will cooperate and make things simple or I will have to pull the "im the Commander and Chief" on her and tell her I'm buying myself a custom suit But I would like to get know some of you guys and maybe one day become a member. Star Wars is like my escape from reality , I love the Characters the drama I just love everything about Star Wars. From the Preqeuls to the Expanded Universe. I try to buy up and collect all of the action figures that I come across. I hope yall have a super day!! Thanks, Jeffrey