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  1. Memphis Wookiee

    As far as I know none of us a familiar with wookies. We'll see what we can do at the prop party next week.
  2. Hi jack welcome to the forums. Follow Doug's advice and sign up on force pike. I'm the Tn event captain for the midsouth garrison/rancors raiders joint ops. My counterpart Justin in North MS is holding an impromptu props party this weekend for armor maintenance. A RR recruit who's almost done with his rotj royal gaurd will be there and he maybe able to help some. Please check out the MSG-RR forum for local events. We could always use more help even before your costume is finished. Justin will be posting location for armor party sometime tonight.
  3. Memphis Wookiee

    Welcome to MSG, and to Memphis. It'll be great to have a wookie in Memphis . Can't wait to troop with you.
  4. Welcome to MSG. Yes check out Rancors boards to. Our next local troop will be in rancor territory for author John Jackson Millers library visit. Then that same weekend is midsouth con and a few of us are planning on suiting up Friday and Saturday sometime.
  5. Hey Phil welcome to MSG, I know we have midsouth con coming up in mid march. We'd always be down for a visit to St. Jude.
  6. I have both and rt suit and a scifire dlt19. Love the rtmod armor I got an unmodded suit and it fight me almost perfectly at 6'3" and 225. Only think I would have done over is ask for extra width on the stomach. He can adjust his moulds to make them bigger. As far as blasters go I did a hasbro conversation e-11 and the scifire Dlt-19. They weigh almost exactly the same, the hyper firms are that light. I actually prefer the Dlt as a bigger trooper it doesn't look small like the e-11. I bring both to troops though my hands tend to fall asleep after hold the Dlt after a few hours.
  7. Sith Lord Candidate

    Glad to see you make it to the boards. That ISD inside and out is the post impressive Lego construction I've seen. It was really nice to meet you at memphis comic and fantasy conventions. I'm about 6'5" suited to give a size on the ISD.
  8. jeff bryant paducah ky

    Hello, As Robbie said go to whitearmor.net. It has the best instructions on building and who to order from. Stay away from stormtrooperscostumes.net If you need any help don't hesitate to ask on here. Hope this info helped. Joseph
  9. Upgrade to MSG Membership?

    Chris can you hook me up with MSG membership also TK 9382
  10. Same here, pics on the way and thank so much for the update/help.
  11. I emailed my submission pics to Jim also. Should I also send my pics to Luke?
  12. New guy in Memphis

    Welcome to the forums. I'm currently working on a rt-mod kit. Next weekend on the 23rd Dav'ika and I are going to try to get together to help me with harder parts of my build. If do meet up your welcome to come out.
  13. I just wanted to introduce myself, Joseph Bernot. I'm looking into starting my first set of stormtrooper armor and eventually when I know what I'm doing build an Imperial Agent set of armor from swtor. This last weekend I hung out with Dav'ika in the game room at MSC and had a really good time.