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    I am a huge star wars fan and I would love to join you to help out the community but I am only 16. Whoever I will join as soon as possible.
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  1. Hello everyone!

  2. new dude fromthe mountains

  3. Hey guys, from Memphis

  4. Welcome and Introduction

    Thanks any way I can help!
  5. Welcome and Introduction

    A black cape and a rubber pull over darth maul mask. but it doesn't matter any more because I'm too young too join (15)
  6. Welcome and Introduction

    sorry about the pic it was an accident,but it is a cool costume
  7. Welcome and Introduction

    Yes I do have a costume but it's hardly movie quality. How could I help at events? thanks
  8. calender

    why is the calender blank?
  9. helping out

    I am not a member yet because I am too young, but some members said I could help out at events. what can I do to help out and can I where a costume?
  10. Welcome and Introduction

    Thanks guys I can't wait to help, but what could I do?
  11. real name: Alex Ahnert location: Knoxville T.N. How I learned about you: I saw you mentioned on a message board on force cast.com why I am requesting access to the MidSouth Garrison discussion board: Because one of your members said I could help out at different charity events. You guys rock long live the Empire!
  12. I think this group is awesome can't wait to join in 3 years