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    About to start a Clone Trooper, interested in joining MSG, 501st, and any other organizations.
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  1. Hello everyone!

    I want to do a Republic Commando. One from the Omega Squad. I have always been a Star Wars fan but am just now realizing the crazy depths of the universe. Especially when it comes troopers. There are so many. From what I can tell it's basically a mostly black Clone Trooper. I really like the look but I need to make sure it's 501st approved since I will have only this one costume for a good while before I look into building a second. ANy feed back is welcome!
  2. Hello everyone!

    My name is Trey Elliott. I'm from Cleveland, TN. I heard about the 501st and the MSG through David Hester (Sithlord66 on here) when we meet through my work at GameStop. I don't have a costume yet but plan on helping out at upcoming events and building a Clone Trooper costume ASAP. I'm also going to post a picture of the only piece of armor I'm pretty decided on. I'd like any advice or opinions on it. I'm ordering from a site called mywickedarmor.com. Anything on that site would also be welcomed though it seems on the up and up. Hope to meet or talk to everyone soon!!!