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    I am a former US Marine and a HUGE Star Wars fan
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  1. Hello from the Death Star

    True dat!
  2. Glad to see you guys joining the party! Welcome.
  3. Hello from a Merc

    Welcome to the nut house Sarah.
  4. Hello from the Death Star

    Great minds think alike. LOL
  5. Hello from the Death Star

    Welcome aboard sweetheart.
  6. Hello From Derby City

    Welcome welcome welcome
  7. Knoxville, TN

    Welcome Nicholas. Do you know where the USMC base is on Alcoa hwy? I was in that unit when I was in the Marines. I'm working on a TB as well. Who did you get your helmet and boots from? Mike
  8. Howdy From N. GA

    Well tell your husband Semper Fi for me. I have been out for a little over a year now. Thats going to be an amazing homecoming present. My cousin is also a Marine and he is coming home from Afghanistan next weekend. I'm throwing him a homecoming party on the 25th next month. The 501st, rebel legion and the mando mercs are going to be there. Every one in the MSG is invited. Its September 25th at Kennesaw battlefield in kennesaw,ga. As for your husband's armor, gloves: Black NOMEX flight gloves are good, Boots: there is someone on Clonetroopers.net who makes them but they can be kinda pricey but there coutnless tutorials on how to make them and commander pauldron: General Fidelis does AMZING work and he is also a former Marine. Thats who I got my pauldron from. Hope that helps. Mike
  9. Howdy From N. GA

    Hello all, My name is Michael Knight. I'm live in Chatsworth, Ga which is about 15 minutes away from the GA/TN boarder. I am a former U.S. Marine and I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. Mike