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  1. Hello From Derby City

    Thanks, bud.
  2. Hello From Derby City

    From what I understand, AM has is a fan sculpt that has replaced FX but is more detailed. I'm sure its a pain to piece together plus I'm a whole 5'7'' so there's some trimming involved.
  3. Hello From Derby City

    I don't think I have any pics of my Fett. I sold it a few years ago. I planned on doing another but I sold my Jango Wes boots and Spidey Blaster to fund my trooper build. I'll get some of the old trooper pics up though.
  4. Hey guys. My name is Michael Penning and I'm interested in joining the 501st. I'm about to order an AM kit after selling my FX that I completed a few years ago. I have also previously built a Boba Fett. I decided to update and start all over after realizing that my former armor would never make the cut without several updates as everything looked like a very unprofessional build. I could use a little help with this one if anyone is interested? Is there a local build day or anything like that in Louisville? I'll be trooping in New Orleans for Halloween and would like get it knocked out by then. Edit: I evidently can't follow directions. I heard about this garrison from www.whitearmor.net