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    Music, Star Wars, Rickenbacker, outdoors, dub, bass, moog, death from above 1979.

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    Musician, huge star wars fan, really interested in joining the 501st.
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  1. Hello from Louisville Ky!

    welcome! I'm here in Louisville as well, have fun with everything!
  2. Back from the dead!

    see you then.
  3. Sith Lord Candidate

    diggin the legos, welcome brotha!
  4. Introduction for Joseph Fyffe

    welcome and good luck with everything!
  5. Saw your name listed under the new members on the 501st site. Congrats!

    1. DFA1979


      yes sir! thank you very much!

  6. finally official!!! TK5681 reporting for duty!

  7. Hello from lewisport

    nice to have you! looking forward to meeting another trooper on saturday! wonderfest is going to swarming with TKs and i love it!
  8. Greetings from Indiana

    see you at wonderfest brotha!
  9. Hello from Cincinnati!

    great to have you!
  10. boom! good to have you aboard brotha, can't wait to troop with you, it will be a glorious day!
  11. Hello.....again.

    welcome back! hope to meet you soon brother
  12. Introduction

    make sure to get on the boards on http://forum.whitearmor.net, it has all the info you will ever need!
  13. Introduction

    boom! welcome and that's a great bucket! hopefully we'll see you soon at an event.
  14. Hello from Memphis

    welcome to the fun