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    Full contact medieval fighting. Costuming. video games.

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    Officially in the 501st!!!
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  1. TK-80808 Reporting for duty

    Congrats and welcome! !!
  2. TX-80085 reporting

    Thanks guys
  3. TX-80085 reporting

    Thanks !
  4. TX-80085 reporting

    You too ! It was a blast !
  5. TX-80085 reporting

    You too and thanks ! No problem about the tent. Ill gladly bring it whenever. :-)
  6. TX-80085 reporting

    And thanks folks for the welcomes !
  7. TX-80085 reporting

    Thanks chris !
  8. TX-80085 reporting

    im officially official. Im heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! Q
  9. Greetings from Franklin, TN

    Hey there ! Welcome!!! I'm brand new to the 501st but if i can help in any way let me know. Robbie is a great teacher so get together with him when you can. He and i have been best friends since high school. Oh and teach me german ! Please? Lol. Also i don't live far from franklin so if you're ever going to robbies we can car pool. Take it easy!
  10. Hi from Nashville,Tn!

    Dont worry guys! I have known Robbie since HS and know all about his driving and the dangers! Thanks for the welcomes. Gonna be awesome.
  11. Just wanted introduce myself. My name is Michael but most ppl call me Q, and I'm working on my first suit of armor and hope to join your ranks ASAP! Looking forward to getting to know you a in the future!