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    skateboarding,watching movies,dirt track racing(cars),collecting

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    interested in joing the 501st as an ESB Boba Fett
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  1. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    My access hasn't been reinstated fully.
  2. New guy here

    WOW I just got 501st approved..
  3. New guy here

    I put some pics of my Fett in my profile, and thanks for the welsomes.
  4. New guy here

    I'm starting to feel the welcome vibe, do ya'll have an ESB Fett? From what I understand Florida is now without one..
  5. New guy here

    Hello my name is Eric Wilson,I have recently obtained an ESB Fett and am close friends with DavidHester of the Mos Nooga Squad which is the group I will be trooping with, after seeing him at the World of Wheels in Chattanooga he asked if I would be interested in joining and here I am..lol.. Looking fotward to joining the ranks of the 501st and making people happy to see their favorite bounty hunter.