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    Star Wars! Costuming, Horses, Fantasy, and DINOSAURS!

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    I am very interested in joining the 501st. I am just lost on how to begin making my armor and need some guidance
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  1. Hiyas! Noob here!

    Thank you! I think I remember talking to your friend! I call my raptor suit Clever Girl! lol I actually just wore the head around quoting Philsoraptor lol! I seem to scare little children. Even kids who LOVE Dinosaurs are scared to get near me. My handler will hold my mouth shut so kids can pet me! My little girls LOVED you! One was wearing a Vader bow and the other was wearing a Stormtrooper! I have been pricing Boba Fett so 500 sounds soooo much better! I really really want to make Boba but just his armor unfinished I priced at 1900! Thought he would be less because he is wearing less armor but it's all his details. Point me in the right direction on who I need to talk to! I am chomping at the bit to get started!
  2. Hiyas! Noob here!

    Thanks everyone! I can't wait to get started! Yep that is me in that picture! My fiancé is the guy on the right!
  3. My name is Elizabeth Mckinnon! I am from Knoxville. I know Steven Lewis. I have always been interested in making my own Storm Trooper armor since I was still in High School. I have been going to Dragon*Con for the last 9 years and always admire the work you all put into your armor. I love costuming. My latest was a Velociraptor from Jurassic Park. I wore it to this last D*C. I am ready to start my next adventure on making a Stromtrooper! I really really want to make Boba fett but I have been told to start off with the basic ST from ANH. I have no clue where to start. I have found sites that have some tutorials. It was great seeing some of you at the Ice Bears game tonight!