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    Interested in joining the 501st! Also: Juggling, drawing, music, and good times.

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  1. Hello From Sevierville!

    Hey thanks for the heads up! I'll drop another line closer to time and see if I can meet up and say hey!
  2. Hello From Sevierville!

    Hey, thanks everyone! I will most definitely check out whitearmor. I do know enough to avoid eBay, but not much else. I hear Authentic Props is something I should be looking at. I didn't get to make it up to Knoxville this weekend, unfortunately my work schedule is crazy this time of year. Anything else coming up, though? Thanks again! -Kevin C.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm Kevin Catolster from Sevierville TN (Knoxville area). I found the forums during my research into getting started with the 501st. I'd absolutely love to join up with you guys, but I'm still kinda lost. I'm down for learning more though! I've seen the 501st at Dragon*Con and parades a few times, but I've wanted to be a trooper since I was a kid (I turn 31 this month). Thanks in advance for any advice/help! -Kevin Catolster