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  1. Hello all

    Great to see my brother taking the leap! He's a great guy and should fit in pretty well.
  2. Introduction for Joseph Fyffe

    It will be a slow process, and likely several years before this little town is rebuilt. I doubt that it will ever be the same again. Too many people have been forced to move away, and many businesses will not be returning.
  3. Introduction for Joseph Fyffe

    Yes, I did! Thanks for the tickets!
  4. Introduction for Joseph Fyffe

    I had been planning on going to Wonderfest this May. I will have my TIE Pilot finished before then, so that would be even better!
  5. Introduction for Joseph Fyffe

    Time for an overdue update. Recovery has been much slower than I personally had anticipated. I did get to go the Lexington Comic and Toy Con on 03/16/13, and was able to meet some of you great folks. I'm currently working on my costume builds, and will end up with my TIE Pilot being finished before my Tusken Raider.
  6. Introduction for Joseph Fyffe

    Thank you all for the warm welcome, and the well wishes. Redbeard, the closest major town to West Liberty would probably be Morehead, KY. I very much look forward to trooping with all of you fine folks sometime in the near future!
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Joseph Fyffe. I go by Joe. I live in West Liberty, KY. Some of you may be familiar with my town. It was completely destroyed by an F4 tornado on March 02, 2012. I have known about the 501st Legion for some time. I am requesting access to the MidSouth Garrison discussion boards because I am very much interested in becoming a member. I have been participating with volunteer work for the past two decades. I served in the U.S. Navy for ten years as a cryptographer. I have been volunteering with various projects locally here in West Liberty, KY since the tornado's destruction of our town. I am scheduled for brain surgery this Friday, 11/09/12 at the UK Hospital in Lexington, KY. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor almost two months ago. I may not be able to respond for some time after surgery, but as quick as I can recover enough to get on my laptop I will be able to respond to any posts or questions at that time. Thank you all in advance for your consideration. Regards, Joe