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    Member of Carolina Garrison, joined in '10. Currently at Combat Medic School at Ft Sam Houston, TX and have a projected unit assignment of the 101st stationed at Ft. Campbell so it looks like ill be moving garrisons :) I'll let the garrison know when my orders are official from the Army.
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  1. Welcome home! Looking forward to trooping with you sometime in the near future!
  2. New To Msg

    Welcome to the family!
  3. So here at the Hilton in Clarksville for the night, going to report in to 20th replacement tomorrow afternoon. Whats fun to get into at night in the area? Any Suggestions? Call me if you have an idea or wanna catch up! 864-554-0970
  4. Moving to Ft. Campbell this friday, 10 Aug! See you all soon!
  5. Hey everyone! So I posted a couple months ago when I received my tentative orders to be one of the newest medics for 4th BCT of the 101st. Well today I graduated from AIT and the dept. of Combat Medicine as one of the army's newest medics and my orders are still the same. Im flying home for 2 weeks back to south carolina where I hope to get at least one final troop in with the guys there then my armor and myself will be moving to Ft. Campbell. I should be reporting in there on the 13th of August. I need to figure out what I need to do to officially move my membership from the carolina garrison to the mid south. Looking forward to meeting everyone and trooping with some new friendly faces. See you all soon!
  6. Hey again everyone and thanks for the warm welcome! As for my serving, its my honor and thank you for the nod. I passed my National Registry EMT Basic exam today [so Im now officially a licensed EMT-B] and my company is beginning the fieldcraft side of the house tomorrow! The first week will revolve around troop med clinic ops and then we will move into the actual combat medic school. Super excited about that and Im super excited to catch up with you all when I get up that direction! SGT Dark I may bug you to find out a good place I can store my Kayak so i can bring it with me. I don't know how accommodating the barracks will be hehe. I have a 10' Lime Green Jackson hybrid kayak [all water model]. Its made so you can handle up to at least class 3 rapids but it also has a drop down skeg for flat water boating. Great all around. Maybe we can get out on the water some too! My bike is a Specialized Rockhopper on 29"'s that Im in love with! I don't know much about trail biking but would like to get more into it. I mainly used it for commuting and getting out some a little off road while i lived a couple years ago in Gettysburg, Pa. Troop on and looking forward to meeting you all soon
  7. Hey brothers and sisters, My name is Alex Brown, and I'm a member of the Carolina Garrison who joined the legion in 2010. I rose my right hand and swore into serve in the US Army last November as a Medic and here I am at Medic school at fort Sam. I just received my projected first duty station assignment and it is with the 101st at Ft. Campbell. So it looks like I will be moving from the Carolina Garrison to the Midsouth Garrison come this August/September following my buddy Andy Auton who just recently moved that direction as well. I look forward to being able to tell you all that my marching orders are official when they come in. In the meantime, I'll be humpin' it down here in the south Texas heat. Looking forward to hopefully meeting you all soon!