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    Danville ,Ky
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    Star Wars, and most other sci-fi type stuff. i am a tattoo artist so i love tattoos. i enjoy primitive camping with friends and family and shooting my flint lock.

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    hello 501, my name is David Phillips and i am new to this garrison and to the 501st. i am Redbeard TK4765. i live in Danville Ky. with my wife and two kids. i am the owner/artist of Redbeard's Tattoo in Lebanon Ky. i have been a fan since 77 when i saw Star Wars for the first time at the drive in with Logans Run. and now my dream has come true...i am a stormtrooper !!
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    welcome to the MSG boards. i look forward to meeting you one of these days very soon !
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    welcome Clay ! come on out to the lexicon in March and hang out with us. that will be a great event to meet and greet .
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    welcome to the MSG. we will be at the scare fest con in Lexington this next weekend if you wanna come on out.
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    welcome to the MSG i wish you luck on your search. i don't know much about that branch, but i want to get info on them as well.
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    welcome to the boards . come on out and join us when you are in town.
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    welcome to the MSG !!! good to have you on board !
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    welcome Zac !
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