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  1. A new Medic on his way to his new home :)

    Great meeting you today, and thanks for the help[ with the scales!!
  2. Transfer

    I'll see if I can dig up some pictures of that event, and get em posted up here.... 2006 was a long time ago.. lol
  3. Transfer

    Here's some pictures of the clone and gand... Funny thing about this pose... at a convention I ran into a artist who took the picture and used it in his art in SW Insider... And here's the Legion pic that pops up every now and then..
  4. Transfer

    Thanks for the welcomes! And yes, this enlistment is going to end up giving me 17 years.... wouldn't change my day job for anything lol.
  5. Transfer

    Hello all, My name is Aaron Solinger, been with the 501st since April of 2002. I've got a Zuckuss, EP2, EP3 Clone/ARC, a Bespin Luke, and a Maul costume available for events. Origonally from the Ohio Garrison, military obligations has led me here to your Garrison. I hope to be able to contribute to the group and hope to meet all of you soon! Aaron