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  1. New Guy from Cleveland, TN

    My Finished Pics of the Shadow ARF!
  2. New Guy from Cleveland, TN

    My current work on my Shadow ARF.... In reference to this... My current build in progess!
  3. New Guy from Cleveland, TN

    Thanks everyone!! Much appreciated!
  4. Hey everyone!! My name is Steve Dockery from Cleveland, TN. Just recently got very interested in the 501st from some great friends! I photographed the St. Paddys day parade in Atlanta, GA and have been hooked every since I seen the 501st troop there. I have been prop building and designing themed environments for 15 years now, you can check out my company and the work we do here at www.wonderworkstudios.com I am currently working on a ARF trooper and a Biker Scout, hope to be approved soon with the Scout! Thanks Everyone!!