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    I am a 29 year old full time law student, I am a free-lance photographer, I lead a non-profit against Human Trafficking & Child Sex Slavery. I have 2 children of my own (one of which has autism). I love community and volunteering! I am interested in joining the 501st and doing charity events locally and abroad!
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  1. Welcome, Aaron! I am a Biker Scout as well! As far as the shadow scout goes, I haven't noticed any more intimidation with it than with the traditional white one. I have noticed that a lot of children scream out "Darth Vader" when they see Mearl (DrthMrl) in his lol but that's normal, just as they call me (and the other biker scouts) a storm trooper pretty often. I'm currently taking a break from trooping due to an extremely busy schedule, but I hope to meet you soon!
  2. Hello all

    Welcome, sir
  3. Hello from Lexington Kentucky!

    Welcome to the MSG!!
  4. Hello from Chattanooga!

    Anytime, sir
  5. Hello from Chattanooga!

    Trees?! What trees?!
  6. Hello from Chattanooga!

    Welcome, Jeff! We could use a few more biker scouts in our squad! beware though, costuming is addictive! Lol