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    Role-playing games, miniatures games, reading (Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc) and though it has been awhile, Renaissance Faires.

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    I have dreamt of joining the 501st since I first found out about them in 2003. Being that I spent a lot of time in Shriner's Hospital as a kid and am a recent cancer survivor, I am glad for the chance to pay it forward and bring smiles and hope to those that need it!
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  1. Greetings From Lex

    Welcome! There are quite a few people in Lexington that are very helpful and should be able to give a hand and some good advice. Look forward to meeting you!
  2. Dune Sea Garrison Transfer

    Welcome! Glad to see more people in Kentucky. We have some events coming up soon you may be interested in, We have Scarefest in Lexington on September 11-13 and Cincinnati Comic Expo on September 18-20. Hope to meet you all soon!
  3. Greetings from Stearns, KY

    Greetings! Not too far from me. I am in Monticello, KY. Lots of good trooping opportunities in Central Kentucky. About 2 hours away from us, but that is not too bad. There is a troop coming up here in Wayne County in October. Even if your suit isn't together, feel free to come out and meet with us!
  4. New In North East Ky

    Welcome!!! I see that Grayson is about an hour and a half from Lexington. We do a lot of troops in and around Lexington. Really good bunch of guys there! I am two hours south of Lexington, but my Wife and I go up for pretty much all of the troops there. We come up, troop, then enjoy the company of a great group of people! Hope to catch you soon at some troops!!
  5. Finally!

    Welcome! I agree, you should check out Scarefest next weekend! We also have an Autism Walk going on that Sunday, both in Lexington (some of us troops are gonna do double duty, con AND walk! Woo!). Hope to see you soon!
  6. With Love From Lexington

    Welcome!! We are 2 hours south of Lexington here in Monticello, but my Wife and I come up that way often to troop. Look forward to meeting you at some events! And yes. Convince your Husband to join!
  7. Hello To All

    But I was gonna go to Thompson Station to pick up some power converters! Ha Ha! Welcome!!!
  8. Greetings From Kentucky!

    Welcome! I too love all of those things, though I have never had the opportunity to play Warhammer (I have read White Dwarf for years though), and it has been TOO long since last I had the opportunity to play Battletech. Hope to catch you soon at a troop!
  9. Saying Hey From Murray

  10. Greetings From Louisville!

    Welcome! Sounds like our story is similar. I first found out about the 501st in 2003 at GenCon as well! It took me ten years to get it together and join. I have not regretted it! This is the best group of guys you will ever meet! Hope you get to trooping soon! You know we all want to see that that movie, no matter how low budget it is!
  11. Hello

  12. Hello From Ohio!

    I am only a bad influence when I goad him into eating cheeseburgers Which, by the way is something we love to do after a good troop. Come. Have a burger with us!
  13. Hello From Ohio!

    Awesome! We have been getting quite a few good trooping opportunities here in Kentucky. You just missed an awesome con a couple of weeks ago in Lexington! Hope to see you at some troops soon!
  14. Salutations To All In The Msg

  15. Allow Myself To Introduce… Myself.

    Welcome!! I am to the East of you in Monticello! Look forward to meeting you at some troops! Always nice to see KY TK's