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    Reenacting, trooping, reading sci-fi/adventure, working on cars, mythology, etc.

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    I'm a reenactor looking to expand my reportoire of random costumes, and fulfill a lifelong dream or two along the way!
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  1. Good evening MSG!

    Thanks guys! I'm planning on coming to the Mosnooga squad's recruiting event on the 28th of July!
  2. Hi all! Allow me to first introduce myself and satisfy the requirements of the forum, my name is Owen Suits, I don't belong to the 501st or any other costuming group, but I do have reenacting impressions in WWII and Civil War so I follow a similar path. I'm from LaFayette, GA. I learned about the MSG through my own research but was made aware of the 501st's general presence in the Southeast when my girlfriend met some of the Mosnooga folks at a recent Star Wars event in the Fort Oglethorpe library. I honestly thought the 501st was a small group that perhaps travelled the world under GL's supervision, it seems the Empire's reach is far greater than I'd first assumed... I'm requesting access to the MSG forums so that I might get to know everyone a little better and hopefully further my knowledge on this great organisation. I've been active on the FISD forums for about a week now, and all I can say is WOW. There is a ridiculous amount of information and friendly faces in the 501st! It can be hard some times getting involved in a new hobby but I believe the motto "troopers helping troopers" is being upheld to the fullest extent possible!