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  1. Thanks guys.  Good to know I'm not alone in the area.

    I was really wanting to start small and make a Scanning Crew uniform.  I, like most people, am having a hard time finding the right set of coveralls.  My girlfriend can sew and I was wondering if there was a pattern out there that I could get her to follow.  It would be GREAT if there were a thread with links to find some of the basic items we need to get started.  All I could find was the tread telling me where NOT to buy them.  This is why I gave up on it the first go around.  I would also like to try and make as many items as I can on my own.  I would love to make my own belt boxes and actually have them able to store things in them.
    I also noticed, and now have read, that the Imperial arm patch in ANH is printed on vinyl.  Any ideas on how I can get my hands on those?

    BT-445 (2).png

  2. Looking for people in the Tri-Cities area to connect with to discuss building a costume and finally becoming an approved member.  Seems like most everyone here is 2+hrs. away from me. And there are never any events held around me that I have known the 501st to attend. Wondering if it would be better to join Garrison Tyrannus.  I live in Bristol, TN. and Bristol, VA. is one mile away from me.  But, then again the closest detachment is in Roanoke, 2hrs away as well.  Maybe there should be a Tri-Cities detachment for people from both sides of the State Street.

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  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Yes I will most definitely be hitting up the 501st room. I went to it at Celebration V and almost geeked out and made an ass of myself. Then again, I probably did anyway.

    Sgt.Dark; your a riot. I know I'm going to enjoy seeing future comments from you.

    Dune; I am having a few problems already. I put a post on here about it last night. Cannot seem to get my profile pic to work. And I put up a background that I didn't like and wanted to change it and no succcess.

  4. Hmm, Well I wonder what size it needs to be? Right now the profile pic I have is 560x480. How much smaller would I have to make it?

    And as for the background pick it says the size limit is "unlimited"

    Today is a new day. I will give it a new shot.

    Thank you for your comments.

  5. For some reason I am unable to upload a profile pic. Is it because I am a new member? Could my image be too large? I tried resizing it but it still will not upload.

    Also, I chose a pic for my background and did not like the way it looked. I am now unable to change it to a different image.

    Could someone walk me throu the correct process of getting the pics I want up?

  6. Hello All,

    My real name is Jason Hutchinson, please call me Hutch or my profile name.

    I'm in Bristol, TN., but I grew up in Bristol, VA.

    Not sure how I first learned about the 501st, but I met some of the members when I wen to Celebration V.

    I have joined because I grew up watching Star Wars and have always thought the Empire was the coolest.

    Have not had the chance to make a uniform but would like to start small, like as Scanning Crew etc. Hopefully working my way up to Scout Trooper ,TIE Fighter or Imperial Gunner.

    I am getting married THIS Sat and we are going to the Celebration on our Honeymoon.

    Having a bit of trouble getting my profile squared away. Any advice will be much apprecitated.