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  1. New to MidSouth Garrison TK6193

    Thank you Robbie, Glenn, Alex, Matt, Don, and Greg. I started tropping in 2009. My oldest son Alex who is now 14, was an important influence in me joining. He saw the 501st at LegoLand in Carlsbad and was hooked after that. He usually troops with me when permitted and can't wait until he is 18 to join himself. Andrew my other son also troops as well. We have met a lot of nice people trooping. Wew moved here to be closer to Family who live in TN, KY, and OH. I ended up in San Diego while in the military and ended up living there for over twenty years, we then move to WA for a job and have been there for six years. We feel we are in the best place in the world. We missed Celebration VI due to the move. Glenn, I've been trooping it Titan for 3 years, and was part of the original group who formed the Havoc Squad. Our favoriate troops were with Weird Al and Star Wars in concert, althiough we have enjoyed all of them. Matt, I'm happy to be trooping with someone who has trooped with Titan and Cloud City. Both great groups of people. Lots of fun trooping with them. Alex, I hope to join the mos Nooga squad. Thank you all for making me feel welcome.
  2. hello midsouth garrison, introduction

    Stephen welcome. I'm new to this Garrison as well. I look forward to meeting you. Jim
  3. Hello my name is Jim Rolph. I moved to Chattanooga in March from Kennewick, WA and have transferred from Titan Garrison to the MidSouth Garrison. I live and work in Soddy Daisy. I learned about the MidSouth Garrison through the 501st website. I wanted to join this board so I could learn about upcoming opportunities to troop, although it may be a couple of months before work slows down enough for me to participate. I am looking forward to meeting garrison members and trooping again.