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  1. Deaf Member!

    Welcome, Matthew. I look forward to meeting you and having long conversations with you. I wanted to become an interpreter, but changed my major to elementary education. I don't get to use my sign language much anymore, so I may be rusty. It may be a good laugh for you, if nothing else. Thanks to our never-tiring costume engineers, there is almost always an armor building party, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Feel free to ask questions and ask for help anytime. I have never met such a warm, welcoming group of people as I have with this group.
  2. We should pin this information on the boards permanently. Good info!
  3. Hello From Sunny Korea!

    Congratulations, welcome home and looking forward to meeting you and your family!
  4. Introduction Is In Order!

    Hi, Clay. Welcome to the MSG. I have been hanging with these weirdoes for some time now, but been official for only a short time. Feel free to ask your questions. I can't think of a better bunch of people more willing to help newbies. I am so glad I found this group, and I know you will feel like family very soon, too.
  5. Hi. Some of you already know me. I am Jennifer Andersson, wife of Daniel Andersson (the Snowtrooper). We have 2 kids, William and Tori, who also dress out. I am stationed at Fort Campbell. The day we arrived here, we met Tambo, who told us all about the 501st. I am not an official member of the 501st yet, but should be as soon as my costume is complete. In the Army, I am a Public Affairs Specialist, so you may often see me photographing events. It's just what I do. Looking forward to seeing you at future events! Jenn